A very thoughtful friend II

A friend (a very thoughtful friend) contacted me recently. She'd had the most brilliant idea (she’s obviously wasted in her job) and I’m seriously considering using her services to boost my marketing!!

She was trying to think of an original baby shower gift for her friend and her partner, and came up with the idea of giving them an hour of my time to answer questions, prepare them for parenthood or anything else that was on their minds.

I quickly put together a cute "gift voucher" and later booked an appointment at their home, after normal work hours so that her partner could also attend.

I doubt I'll be there for just an hour, anyone who knows me know's how much I love to talk about midwifery, I bet I’ll still be there 2 hours later! God forbid they offer me a cuppa; they’ll never get rid of me!

So thank you dear friend for thinking of me, for giving me such a great idea and most importantly for the very original and useful baby shower gift.

p.s. Call me when you’ve had enough of your current job!!

#privatemidwife #babyshowergifts

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