Midwife Led Parenting Classes

We pride ourselves on unconditional support and supporting informed choice through evidence based education. It's not about one prescribed method or way, it's about the individual and their families and giving them enough information to make the right choices for them.

Our all-inclusive birth preparation and baby care workshop combines antenatal and active birth education with the use of movement, breath work, relaxation and birth hypnosis. Practical baby care demonstrations are delivered alongside un-biased education on parenting choices, safety and baby calming techniques.

Antenatal & Active Birth Education

Our workshops are designed for mums to be and their birth supporter, We'll cover traditional antenatal education combined with looking at induction and medical interventions in an understandable way should your birth take that route.

Parenting Choices

Unbiased education and discussion on all parenting options, so that can start to plan, shop and prepare for your baby's arrival.

Practical Baby Care & Safety

Practical baby care activities including topping and tailing, nappy changing, bathing and dressing using all of the up to date recommendations

Baby Calming Techniques

A wonderful repertoire of calming and soothing techniques, which will help you lay the foundations for a happy and contented baby.

Birth Breathing Movement & Relaxation

Learn breathing, movement, massage and relaxation techniques and have the opportunity to put these techniques into practice.

Midwife Led Parenting Classes

As well as being fully qualified midwives, we're also certified trainers by the Daisy Foundation whose classes we deliver